Skin exfoliation and hydration is the key to improving the skin. Face MD™ exfoliates damaged aged skin, increases skin regeneration and hydrates the deepest layers. The FaceMD™ skin care program is not diluted out or weak, which allows skin to truly transform!

Dry crepe-like skin, fine lines, age spots, large pores and pigmentation spots can all be treated. Under natural conditions humans develop new skin cells in the deep layers. These new cells migrate to the outer most layer of the skin, keeping the skin full, elastic, and hydrated. However, as our skin ages the production of new skin cells slows down and the skin thins and deteriorates.

Our unique blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the Natural Exfoliating Cream will help to speed the new cell development, building back the structure of healthy skin, creating healthy glow and smoother texture. The ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, found in most of the products in Face MD™, helps to stimulate new cell growth, retain moisture and hydrate the skin.

Suggested products: Natural Exfoliator, Super Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Hydrating Facial Cream