Everyone wants to have healthy, clear skin, however at some point most everyone will experience some form of skin issues. The signs of discolored and bad skin are often represented by lines and wrinkles, uneven skin color or texture and acne. Face MD™ skin care is designed to improve discolored and bad skin, helping skin to become smoother, healthier and more radiant.

Issues such as sun exposure, hormonal fluctuation, pregnancy and acne can leave discolored spots and patches on the face. One way to help improve or prevent discolored and bad skin is by skin exfoliation. The Natural Exfoliating cream has proven ingredients designed to stimulate cell turnover and smooth skin texture. C Serum 12% helps repair damaged skin cells and aid in skin hydration.

These specially formulated products contain a unique blend of proven ingredients that help transform bad skin into healthy skin. Face MD™ skin care exfoliates and hydrates, leaving skin smooth and radiant. No matter your age or skin tone, Face MD™ products are gentle on the skin while delivering results you can see and feel!

Suggested products: Natural Exfoliator, C Serum 12%, Sunblock Cream SPF 30